21 Oct 2011

Pictures by the campfire.

It was after it got dark, these guys came to visit our table.

18 Oct 2011

Wading Slovenia.

The idea to go to Slovenia came up as a result of watching “Nervous Water” several times. I couldn’t believe that there is such beautiful place in Europe, just two hours away.
So our next holiday was planned, and on 23 of September we have landed in Vienne.
4 hours drive through Bled and Bohinska Bistrica and we arrive at Kobarid.
Our camp is right on the banks of Soca, and it looks like no other river I have ever seen.
The next morning our guide Sebastian met us and we went to see some places in the area.
Out of that day we have had around ten spots to fish at and the flies.
The flies that have worked are no.16 and smaller, no.16 Zak nymph, no.18 Goldhead PTN and the most deadly are light grey flies on the no 16 scud hooks and very small GRHE. We fished mostly on 3 rivers: Soca, Baca and Tolminka.
Tolminka is a beautiful river with that magic blue water, bigger flies have worked here, but the upper parts were marble trout is more abundant we did not visit.
Baca is a very small river, very clear with lots of fish present. Flies no.18 and smaller worked the best here, dry flies work everywhere. I fished size 16 and 18 klinkhamers in natural and olive; the little grey F fly worked very well sizes 18 and 20.
I really liked this small river.
Soca was a real challenge for me several attempts, brought no fish at all, though I have seen some real trophy fish.
The last two days I was fishing Kamno bridge and I have had several bites.
The last day I have arrived early in the morning, I took my 9wt. with.
I wanted to try those Jig Flies that many local fisherman use. On My second cast I got a very powerful bite and a good size Rainbow was landed.
A couple of smaller fish on 5wt and nymph setup and the last thing in this trip was a nice grayling caught on no.16 GRHE pattern.
It was a really good feeling, breaking the code of Soca River.
A good school and I will certainly be back…

4 Sep 2011

Another Saturday out to Jordan River.

So again we are at the faster part of Jordan, we now have Daniel who decided not to fish, but take photographs instead.
The weather got pretty fresh early in the morning. A cup of hot coffee with cardamon, and we are ready to go.
We fished the fast stream with Czech method.
 The bites came immediately, mostly taking the top brassie on 14 and 16 hook.
This is a first time I had lots of bites on heavy bigger nymph, Czech and Polish no 8 and 10.
6X tippet got snapped a couple of times, so I swapped it to 5X.
A t around 10:00 am the bites just stopped, it got very hot by then.
So we had our traditional cup of tea with fresh mint and we are on the way home.
Many thanks to Daniel, our young photographer.

13 Aug 2011

Foam Hopper

I was inspired by a fly I brought from South Africa, the original was tied by Murray Pedder from FFU.

3 Aug 2011

Commercial Fishery

I was invited to see a new commercial fishery. Couple of casts and a good size tilapia taken on Copper John. Another one taken later. Other guys were float fishing with good results.

23 Jul 2011

Jordan River, the faster part.

So we decided to visit some faster places for the first time this year. 
We arrived just before the sunrise, so we decided to have a cup of coffee before we start.
Some fresh Costa Rica coffee gave us some energy to start with.
We started at the slower section, two of us were fishing fly, and Danny, Slava's son, was fishing lures, his fly rod is not finished yet.

I immediately catch two small scale barbel (Damascus Barbel) on Zak nymph.
Danny has managed a good size catfish, we didn't even think lives in such rapid water.
Later I have moved to faster water catching good size barbel one after another.
It was a great experience, the fish is very powerful.
Although the water was not clear at all the fish was taken only my smallest flies, a variation of Brassy size 16, with CDC I have learned from Murray at FFU. Size 16 green flashback nymph, size 14 prince.
Not even a bite on heavier nymphs disregarding the type and color. 
It was a great day out, we take some mint at the banks of the river and make tea.
We are on the way back.

9 Jul 2011

Some landing nets by a local master.

Thanks a lot to Jimmy Woodser. who brought to me these beautiful nets.
They are fantastic.

22 Jun 2011

A little late, but...
With short notice I am on my way to business trip in central California.
Most guides I have contacted said this is not the best season for river fishing, that after snowy winter all rivers are still unfishable. Only Tim Hutchins from Yosemite said that small stream fishing is very good now in the area.
I long wanted to try some wild small stream fishing and so on the second day in California I'm on my way from San Francisco to Yosemite.
Nice walk through the park and we get to a very small pretty stream. We follow it on the way down for some time and then starting to fish upstream until our start point. 
My first cast with Tim's signature stonefly dry fly, and lighting fast strikes, resulting in fish hooking itself.
The fish is small, but not too spooky and very fast. Later I'm starting to find the fish myself and striking on bites (instead of missing them)
The trout is just beautiful, looking perfectly camouflaged on the stream bed.
Somewhere at the afternoon we hook a nice Arctic Char, later on we catch another one.
It was a beautiful place, with one great fishing. The fish has never seen a fly.
Tim is a very good guide,helping a lot. Besides the fish, he thought me many useful skills for such places.
I will definitely do some more small stream fishing.