23 Jul 2011

Jordan River, the faster part.

So we decided to visit some faster places for the first time this year. 
We arrived just before the sunrise, so we decided to have a cup of coffee before we start.
Some fresh Costa Rica coffee gave us some energy to start with.
We started at the slower section, two of us were fishing fly, and Danny, Slava's son, was fishing lures, his fly rod is not finished yet.

I immediately catch two small scale barbel (Damascus Barbel) on Zak nymph.
Danny has managed a good size catfish, we didn't even think lives in such rapid water.
Later I have moved to faster water catching good size barbel one after another.
It was a great experience, the fish is very powerful.
Although the water was not clear at all the fish was taken only my smallest flies, a variation of Brassy size 16, with CDC I have learned from Murray at FFU. Size 16 green flashback nymph, size 14 prince.
Not even a bite on heavier nymphs disregarding the type and color. 
It was a great day out, we take some mint at the banks of the river and make tea.
We are on the way back.

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