4 Sep 2011

Another Saturday out to Jordan River.

So again we are at the faster part of Jordan, we now have Daniel who decided not to fish, but take photographs instead.
The weather got pretty fresh early in the morning. A cup of hot coffee with cardamon, and we are ready to go.
We fished the fast stream with Czech method.
 The bites came immediately, mostly taking the top brassie on 14 and 16 hook.
This is a first time I had lots of bites on heavy bigger nymph, Czech and Polish no 8 and 10.
6X tippet got snapped a couple of times, so I swapped it to 5X.
A t around 10:00 am the bites just stopped, it got very hot by then.
So we had our traditional cup of tea with fresh mint and we are on the way home.
Many thanks to Daniel, our young photographer.

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