18 Oct 2011

Wading Slovenia.

The idea to go to Slovenia came up as a result of watching “Nervous Water” several times. I couldn’t believe that there is such beautiful place in Europe, just two hours away.
So our next holiday was planned, and on 23 of September we have landed in Vienne.
4 hours drive through Bled and Bohinska Bistrica and we arrive at Kobarid.
Our camp is right on the banks of Soca, and it looks like no other river I have ever seen.
The next morning our guide Sebastian met us and we went to see some places in the area.
Out of that day we have had around ten spots to fish at and the flies.
The flies that have worked are no.16 and smaller, no.16 Zak nymph, no.18 Goldhead PTN and the most deadly are light grey flies on the no 16 scud hooks and very small GRHE. We fished mostly on 3 rivers: Soca, Baca and Tolminka.
Tolminka is a beautiful river with that magic blue water, bigger flies have worked here, but the upper parts were marble trout is more abundant we did not visit.
Baca is a very small river, very clear with lots of fish present. Flies no.18 and smaller worked the best here, dry flies work everywhere. I fished size 16 and 18 klinkhamers in natural and olive; the little grey F fly worked very well sizes 18 and 20.
I really liked this small river.
Soca was a real challenge for me several attempts, brought no fish at all, though I have seen some real trophy fish.
The last two days I was fishing Kamno bridge and I have had several bites.
The last day I have arrived early in the morning, I took my 9wt. with.
I wanted to try those Jig Flies that many local fisherman use. On My second cast I got a very powerful bite and a good size Rainbow was landed.
A couple of smaller fish on 5wt and nymph setup and the last thing in this trip was a nice grayling caught on no.16 GRHE pattern.
It was a really good feeling, breaking the code of Soca River.
A good school and I will certainly be back…

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