3 Oct 2013

My Article in TCFF South African magazine.

I decided to try  and write about our flyfishing to my favouriteSouth African magazine, http://www.completeflyfisherman.co.za/.
They replied that they are posting it in September issue.
So here it is my first article ...ever.

9 Jul 2013

My first decent Largescale this season.

We were mainly catching largies this time, much less small scales.
The big one took just behind the stone in the main stream.
The star of the season now is a Jig nymph, that Murray Pedder of FFU has showed me.

25 May 2013

Jordan Season, opening the 2013 season.

The road to the river is quiet bad, and we had to push the car a couple of times.
Maybe we should wait and so in Jimmy's 4WD....
The little bridge was washed away during the flood and the river is quiet high for the season.
Plenty Caddis larvae under rocks, but we had only little fish takes.
We only have had had half a dozen good takes...
I had a very good bite early in the morning, but after a long run the line snapped.

14 Apr 2013

Yellowfish, Vaal River

So we finally got to Vaal river, thanks to Murray Pedder from Fly Fishers Unlimited.
We planned it for a couple of trips, but the weather was not right until this time.
The weather was perfect and we got to the river around 07:00 in the morning.
First casts just below the rapid brought a small Yellow.
The river is just beautiful, with monitor lizards jumping here and there to the water.
Murray took Ella to deeper part, and they have caught some very good size Mudfish.
More upstream they had a good Yellowfish.
We had some outstanding fishing throughout the day.
The largest Yellow was 2 kg.

2 Jan 2013

Weekend on Red Sea, Eilat

Just a short family weekend.
Friday morning about half an hour before the sunrise I came to local Marina. There was some predator activity going on. I set my 8 wt and a barracuda fly with metal wire. On a second cast someone just bit it off. While changing the fly, I tied olive Clouser, all the activity was gone. After a while of casting, a nice bite and a first trumpet fish landed. I had three more this morning. Next morning those trumpets were biting on nearly every cast. But no other species caught this time.