4 Jan 2016

Fishing at Trout Hideaway, Mpumalanga, South Africa

We visited this venue somewhere in November. The road was a bit hard first 10km on dirt road were OK, the next 10 were 4X4 only, driving on slippery rocks, took us forever.
The venue looked just wonderful, 6 dams and the plenty river to fish.
The weather was very strange it would go from milk dense fog to sunny and from degrees to 25.
On the first night just before the total dark I managed a brownie on wooly bugger.
The next morning there were plenty flying termites, flying all around. Fish went crazy for them.
We did not have a good simulation, but had a bite or two on huge dry flies.
The rest of the fish we have ought from pedal boat, fishing Red Eye Damsel nymph.
I had few more takes on streamer, but not realized.
Beautiful venue, the best I have been up today...

26 Oct 2015

Fishing in Andalucia

And so the fishing,

I have already tried a bit along the Atlantic coast at Barbate estuary (Cadiz) and to Mediterranean coast at Estepona and Marbella (close to Malaga). All fishing done whitin 2 hours of high tide. It desn't matter much for Mediterranean coast, but is very important for Atlantic, where the question is there is water or not at all :). I have managed a small Seabass at Barbate and not much more. The next time I have tried at Conil de la Frontera 2 hours before high tide. Plenty small seabass at the estuary itself and some bigger once at the very entrance to the river.
Fishing the Atlantic is not that easy. You need to constantly change your spots due to changing current. Wind is always present and can get very disturbing. But the fishing can be very rewarding.

3 Sept 2014

LEIVONMÄKI National Park, Finland

It was basically a family vacation.
the place we were looked like an endless forest with plenty of lakes around.
Fishing was a bit slow, the temperature was up to 29 degrees Celsius for last two weeks.
The was was like warm tea tea. Anyway I have managed to get some Pike on my flies.

30 Jun 2014

My First Pike Fly

Hook: Partrige PredatorX 4/0 
Weed Guard: Mono 0.9 
Tail: Chartruse Syntetic hair, Steve Farrar UV Chartreuse, Green Flashabou, Green Flashabou magnum, Red Flashabou Magnum, Crystal Flash, Cock Grizzly hair. 
Head: Olive Deer hair.

21 Jun 2014

This season on Jordan river.

The season never actually ended, the were no many rain this winter and we fished it right through.
The river is very low now, though fishing is very very good.

23 Jan 2014

September trip to Lough Mask, Mayo, Ireland

A little late about our trip to Ireland in September.
We were based at Lough Mask, Mobile Homes. This is in Mayo county.
The first two days we were fishing traditional Irish style with wet flies from the boat.
I can tell you it was real hard work. We had plenty takes and few nice fish.
On the third day we went to check river Robe, despite everyone telling us that the water level is too low.
Right on the first spot I got a small trout. At the next spot we noticed plenty Daddy Longlegs at the grass, while walking to the water. So we switched to dry flies, and the action was just fantastic.
The next days we spent there, we've checked the Castelbar river, it was very similar to the one we were fishing.
Fishing was fantastic in Ireland, even though we did not really catch any trophy fish.