21 Sep 2012

Fast Jordan River

So we arrived to our usual place at the fast part of Jordan. We have never fished here before the sunset.
The fish was really active, and plenty big fish, that we were not ready for.
So we continued in the morning, nice barbel is still there...

22 May 2012

19 May the Seabass Saturday.

Last saturday the 19 May, we are out for a sea session.
It is a good seabass season this time of the year.
As we have heard from other guys the fish starts taking after the sun is up.
We decided to check out a piece of rocky beach next to Netanya.
So we had a cup of tea and started to walk.
Jimmy was fishing with spinning rod and topwater lures and I was fishing a fly.
We find the first current, I have started with tandem of olive clouser no.6 hook and a small BMS fly above it.
A good bite and first bass comes to visit.
We have tried to catch some bream, without much success.Many bream are present, but we could not convince them to take a fly.
On our end point is another good current, and the waves were starting to get a bit high to walk on the reef.
2 good size bass one after another take my olive clouser.
An we are on our way home.
This is One great day...