3 Aug 2011

Commercial Fishery

I was invited to see a new commercial fishery. Couple of casts and a good size tilapia taken on Copper John. Another one taken later. Other guys were float fishing with good results.


  1. Hello, I had not visited your blog and I like it!

    I can see that in Israel you can catch catfish, which is the species?

    Greetings from Spain and will follow your blog!

  2. Sorry, catfish is not right, speak of the barbels.

  3. We have largescale barbel which grows large up to 2-3kg. We have Damascus barbel around 1kg is pretty common, he loves fast current.
    We have longhead barbel( I don't know the exact name) it's pretty rare here.

    Hola there in Spain, hope visiting you one day.