15 Jan 2010

Winter bream.

We actually went for bass, and the sea was right according to all theory, and the place we could not ask for better. Even the tide was incoming.
But not a slight sign of bass in two hour, not in the outgoing streams nor in the sandbanks.
I've just tried to throw a ZB Riggie 46 MDR in between the rocks, and a bite staight away.
Second throw and second bite. So we changed to bream fishing, and it was as good as in summer.
Maybe bream season is all year round?..

4 Jan 2010

Galilee Carp 2009

This year again "Israfish" club organizes carpfishing competition, and I'm there again to take some pictures.

It was very successfull this year, no team stayed without fish at all. And the fight for winning places was really close up to the last hours. Carpfishing here is getting stronger every year and I think some of our local teams could already participate in an International event.