25 Dec 2010

Carp fishing, short session match.

This is a new format "Israfish" is trying, not the long 5 days match, but an 2 days, weekend one.
This one for a bit less fanatic carpfisherman, and a bit less strict rules.
This year it was better than ever, veri good mood, weather. Many people were interested, 38 teams participated.
Very good atmosphere, although I'm not fishing for carp for some yars, but alway attend this competition for a day or two, just to take pictures and stay with the teams for a little bit.

19 Sep 2010

Snir Stream (Hatzbani) and some dry fly action.

That morning I've started wading, catching some mix of small and largescale yellows on New Zealand rig, with Rhyacophilia Larva and PTN as a point fly.
Finally I got to a deep spot by the huge rock where good size fish was rising quite frequently.
First cast on a Elkhair Caddis brought me a smalscale as the fly touched the surface and no more action on that fly.
I have changed the fly to 18 or 20 size RAB, I bought in South Africa last year. At my second cast I had a very aggressive take and a my first descent largescale on dry fly is in the net, I caught some smaller ones later on.
At around 9:00 I decided it's time for coffee and breakfast, so back to the camp.
I have still a lot to learn about all around presentation of dries, there were loads of fish, but I've struggled to make them try my flies.

23 Jul 2010

Finally I got there to Jordan river

We found the place quite late in the morning, barbel were jumping all the time.
So we started to throw some flies, this time only smallscale barbel was taking, which is quite rare.
As usual at around 9:00 th water rises and we're on our way home...

10 Jul 2010

A morning bass

So I just went to the reef to see what's up with those bream, I took an UL rod.
At one of the strong streams I tried the ZBL fakie dog for a couple of casts.
And here it is the summer bass,a small one, and so it's not over yet this year.
I found those sea bream later... though it was very hot already at 08:oo am.

2 Jul 2010

A couple of larvae immitation

UL Plugging competition at Kineret

So this time we already knew the place, the beach next to Tiberias is pretty free of people on the weekends, because of huge rocks by the water, and the place is very easy to find.
Friday evening all organization group started to arrive, as usual hoping to catch a couple of hours of sleep. And so in the morning everyone is here, registration and start at 6:00.
People got spread at 2 km of the allowed space, referees running up and down.
We already see that some guys are working on small fish, because every tail is a point or every 100gr is a point.
Though some others trying to go for something larger.
4 hours of fishing and its starting to become real hot when we hear the final serene at 10:00.
The winner a guy was fishing with fly caught around 120 tails.

3 May 2010


Finally some freshwater stuff this year, is good as often.
Though I was trying to get those large scale monsters and even seen them, but not a bite.
Only tilapia on a light tackle.

17 Apr 2010

So Cuba...

So we decided on Cuba...
The intension was to see Cuba, not mainly fishing.
It was very windy on the north coast, not a chance to take a fly rod out.
So I've tried a lure, it was not much successful.
But when we got to Baracoa in river Toa I've caught my first Jack, and the next morning I found a group of small Snook.
The Carribean coast was better, lots of snappers and jacks.
The fishing is just amazing, no 100lb tarpon, and no bones for me.
But those jacks are lots of fun on a light tackle.

Found a group of mackerel one morning it attacked LC Sammy like mad.
I was not lucky to find a guide through local Hotels, and had no intension to pay a fortune to International operators.

I think if I would stay at one place for more than a day I could be much more successful.
But anyway Cuba is amazing.

7 Mar 2010

27 Feb 2010

15 Jan 2010

Winter bream.

We actually went for bass, and the sea was right according to all theory, and the place we could not ask for better. Even the tide was incoming.
But not a slight sign of bass in two hour, not in the outgoing streams nor in the sandbanks.
I've just tried to throw a ZB Riggie 46 MDR in between the rocks, and a bite staight away.
Second throw and second bite. So we changed to bream fishing, and it was as good as in summer.
Maybe bream season is all year round?..

4 Jan 2010

Galilee Carp 2009

This year again "Israfish" club organizes carpfishing competition, and I'm there again to take some pictures.

It was very successfull this year, no team stayed without fish at all. And the fight for winning places was really close up to the last hours. Carpfishing here is getting stronger every year and I think some of our local teams could already participate in an International event.