2 Jul 2010

UL Plugging competition at Kineret

So this time we already knew the place, the beach next to Tiberias is pretty free of people on the weekends, because of huge rocks by the water, and the place is very easy to find.
Friday evening all organization group started to arrive, as usual hoping to catch a couple of hours of sleep. And so in the morning everyone is here, registration and start at 6:00.
People got spread at 2 km of the allowed space, referees running up and down.
We already see that some guys are working on small fish, because every tail is a point or every 100gr is a point.
Though some others trying to go for something larger.
4 hours of fishing and its starting to become real hot when we hear the final serene at 10:00.
The winner a guy was fishing with fly caught around 120 tails.

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