17 Apr 2010

So Cuba...

So we decided on Cuba...
The intension was to see Cuba, not mainly fishing.
It was very windy on the north coast, not a chance to take a fly rod out.
So I've tried a lure, it was not much successful.
But when we got to Baracoa in river Toa I've caught my first Jack, and the next morning I found a group of small Snook.
The Carribean coast was better, lots of snappers and jacks.
The fishing is just amazing, no 100lb tarpon, and no bones for me.
But those jacks are lots of fun on a light tackle.

Found a group of mackerel one morning it attacked LC Sammy like mad.
I was not lucky to find a guide through local Hotels, and had no intension to pay a fortune to International operators.

I think if I would stay at one place for more than a day I could be much more successful.
But anyway Cuba is amazing.

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