19 Sep 2010

Snir Stream (Hatzbani) and some dry fly action.

That morning I've started wading, catching some mix of small and largescale yellows on New Zealand rig, with Rhyacophilia Larva and PTN as a point fly.
Finally I got to a deep spot by the huge rock where good size fish was rising quite frequently.
First cast on a Elkhair Caddis brought me a smalscale as the fly touched the surface and no more action on that fly.
I have changed the fly to 18 or 20 size RAB, I bought in South Africa last year. At my second cast I had a very aggressive take and a my first descent largescale on dry fly is in the net, I caught some smaller ones later on.
At around 9:00 I decided it's time for coffee and breakfast, so back to the camp.
I have still a lot to learn about all around presentation of dries, there were loads of fish, but I've struggled to make them try my flies.