26 Oct 2015

Fishing in Andalucia

And so the fishing,

I have already tried a bit along the Atlantic coast at Barbate estuary (Cadiz) and to Mediterranean coast at Estepona and Marbella (close to Malaga). All fishing done whitin 2 hours of high tide. It desn't matter much for Mediterranean coast, but is very important for Atlantic, where the question is there is water or not at all :). I have managed a small Seabass at Barbate and not much more. The next time I have tried at Conil de la Frontera 2 hours before high tide. Plenty small seabass at the estuary itself and some bigger once at the very entrance to the river.
Fishing the Atlantic is not that easy. You need to constantly change your spots due to changing current. Wind is always present and can get very disturbing. But the fishing can be very rewarding.

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