30 Jun 2014

My First Pike Fly

Hook: Partrige PredatorX 4/0 
Weed Guard: Mono 0.9 
Tail: Chartruse Syntetic hair, Steve Farrar UV Chartreuse, Green Flashabou, Green Flashabou magnum, Red Flashabou Magnum, Crystal Flash, Cock Grizzly hair. 
Head: Olive Deer hair.


  1. Fly fishing for pike is very productive. May I suggest you make some buoyant pike flies too? Fished on a Hi-D line with a very short leader you can make very lifelike, slow and thorough presentations in shallow waters. You cast out and let all sink to the bottom and leave it a while so that the leader is almost straight up from the bottom to the buoyant fly, then you make a long slow pull with a dead stop that makes the fly dive down then slowly shimmy and writhe its way back up in the water, just like a little fish with a swim bladder problem. It gets Darwin'd if a pike sees it. Injured fish are a great stimulus to pike...


    1. Thank you, this is very helpfull information. In the end I will need to learn on the water....