22 May 2012

19 May the Seabass Saturday.

Last saturday the 19 May, we are out for a sea session.
It is a good seabass season this time of the year.
As we have heard from other guys the fish starts taking after the sun is up.
We decided to check out a piece of rocky beach next to Netanya.
So we had a cup of tea and started to walk.
Jimmy was fishing with spinning rod and topwater lures and I was fishing a fly.
We find the first current, I have started with tandem of olive clouser no.6 hook and a small BMS fly above it.
A good bite and first bass comes to visit.
We have tried to catch some bream, without much success.Many bream are present, but we could not convince them to take a fly.
On our end point is another good current, and the waves were starting to get a bit high to walk on the reef.
2 good size bass one after another take my olive clouser.
An we are on our way home.
This is One great day...

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