5 Jul 2009

Rough Day

We did not look at the weather report the evening before, otherwise we would stay home watching BassMaster...
We found ourselves at Michmoret beasch at around 5.00
setting up our ultraligt gear (we even were clever enough not to take a little heavier rods).
The sea was high and the western wind was strong, and we could only throw our lures, all with magnetic system, to no more than just in front of the reef. But usually it is enough for the bream, but at the beginning not even a sign of those guys.
After about an hour Shai takes his first bream.
And 15 minutes later he pickes up a tiny seabass on YoZuri SeaFox minnow 50mm.
I fished the shallower area picking up some tiny fishes, and a baby Seabream.
At the end of our 5 hour walk Shai catches a huge Bream.
And another one on his way back.
At around 11.00 we packing up because the heat is just enormous.
Ok I will meet my bream the next time ....maybe

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